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Happy Birthday!


Our Paper Satin Kisses are handmade personalised A5 Greeting Cards, with a wavy frame and a vibrant satin photo paper. The Kisses from London sentiment written with a fine custom cut red glossy vinyl.


Your personalised kisses sent from the heart of London.

For the Cover of the card you can upload a photo of your own or you can select one from our London Art GalleryBehind all our pictures there are passionate people that practice photography as a hobby.
Every time you use one of our photos, you support the artist behind it with a percentage of the card.


As a London souvenir, inside all our Greeting cards you will find on the left side map of Central London 
and its main touristic Icons. The start of your kisses’ journey is in Trafalgar Square.


On the right side of the card your message will appear. It can be typed or for a more personal touch, your own hand writing.  For this option you will write your message on a WHITE piece of paper, photograph it and upload it in the creation process. We will Photoshop it and print as if you wrote inside the card.

All our Greeting Cards can have a Flying Paper Butterfly as a Surprise add-on for a guaranteed laughter. We twist its wings 26 times before inserting it in the card, so it can fly as high as possible, when the card is opened. This unexpected element has people smiling and yet is not for the fainthearted. Your choice!


The Greeting Card gets delivered directly to the recipient, so you will have to enter in the creation process their address. For tracked mail services you will be able to follow your kisses’ journey and see when they get delivered. The envelopes are white and come with the London Skyline design by Hand-drawnmaps.co.uk and a few hand stamped tags as shown in pictures. 

 For a traditional look we seal all our Kisses with Red Wax Stamp with Kisses from London, poured while hot to get the sealing last all those miles of travelling until the destination.

No matter if you are celebrating your past or future memories from this pulsating city, we can Bring London to your loved one’s door!

Let’s celebrate London together and send our KISSES with love.

Start Kissing NOW!

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