English Kisses with a Hungarian twist
Thank you Kisses from London for crafting such a nice greeting card experience. I live in London and this year I couldn't go back home to Hungary to celebrate my niece's Bday. She simply loves London, so I sent her a personalised Paper Kiss with a photo from her London trip. It was fairly easy to create online and I loved that I could add my own handwriting inside the card and ship it straight to her. It saved me a trip to the post office during lunch break. Great paper quality and hand made look. The wax seal on the envelope was intact and the paper butterfly really surprised her when it flew out of the card. Would definitely come back to try the other products.
Zsófia Kovács, Budapest, Hungary
Loved the audio greeting card
For my mother's 50th I decided to send her an audio card. I recorded myself with my phone reading the message from the card out loud. She always loved romantic movies and I wanted to offer her something like from a movie scene, you know when someone is reading a letter and you can hear the author's voice on the background. My voice wasn't perfect like in the movies, but they surprise mattered more. Mum loved the wax seal on the envelope, she couldn't hold her curiosity to find out who sent her a letter from London, as we have no one in London. She really was intrigued.
Brianka Loukas, Larissa, Greece
Amazing video card experience
I ordered a Video Kiss for my parent's anniversary. We've recently visited London and my phone's photo app created a nice short video from all the photos we took. I decided to send them a Video Kiss with it, as they would least expect to receive a gift from London. We've all been impressed by the whole gift and it's tiny details, from the tissue paper to the city skyline artwork. They were over the moon when they opened the gift. They didn't expect the butterfly coming out, which became the second surprise of the day. I think we laughed for about 5 minutes. I am happy I didn't give them a heart attack, it makes your heart skip a bit when the butterfly comes out of no where like that.
Andreas Romano, Milan, Italy