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Send Kisses from London by turning this photo into a special handmade personalised gift for your soulmate, friend, relative, any London lover out there etc.

We can turn it into Postcard KissesPaper KissesAudio Kisses or Video Kisses. Just select your desired product in the drop down menu and click on MAKE IT YOUR KISS button.

All of the Greeting card kisses include a Central London map with its main icons designed by our contributor

The Envelopes for the Audio and Paper Kisses come with a London skyline and hand stamped tags. We can even put a “Do not open before date” stamp if you want to make sure it won’t be opened too early.

Finally we seal it with Red hot wax stamp with Kisses from London.

All our gifts can be personalised with your own handwriting if desired.


For just £3.50 you can also add a flying paper butterfly inside the card. We twist it 26 times for you, so that it can fly high when the card is opened, bringing this gift to life and creating an unforgettable experience full of laughter and skipping heartbeats. Not recommended for the fainthearted.

The Paper Kisses bring to life an art work or an unforgettable moment with intense colours, quality tactile feeling (finishing with satin or linen coating, hammered paper etc), complementing the true meaning of the inside message.


                                                                                                                         Linen Kisses                                                                                  Satin Kisses

The Audio Kisses is an upgrade of the Paper Kisses adding emotion and rhythm through the sound enclosed inside. Using two senses in the same time, to make a deeper connection with the receiver. 


Do not worry! The gift comes in a white air bubbled envelope for extra comfort and protection on its journey.

The Video Kisses combine the traditional greeting card with a live video message playing on a 7" LCD inside the card. Only in a landscape layout. We wrap it into a luxury gift box with white tissue paper, patterned with rainbow confetti. 


The written message will be printed on a designed card and a FREE butterfly will be inserted in the box, so it will fly when the box is opened.

The gift box will be wrapped with blue and red ribbon and sealed with our traditional red seal wax. 

Do not worry! The gift comes in a white air bubbled envelope for extra comfort and protection on its journey.

Postcard Kisses are 17.4 cm x 13 cm Postcards printed on a quality thick card stock with a glossy lamination. The Back of the Postcard Kisses has a regular postcard layout, where your typed or handwritten message will be printed. Under the address there is a London Skyline design by

Postcards come with worldwide free shipping!


Why our artistic photo and not your personal photo?

This one depends on your particular desire and choice. But if you do get inspired by our beautiful London Art Gallery, you can also share it with your special someone and in the same time support the Artist that captured the amazing and beautiful colours of the city.

The London Art Gallery gathers together all sorts of Artists that practice photography only as a hobby. By using one of their photos you will support their dream not only by appreciating their work, using it, sharing it with others, but also by paying them back a percentage of the product's price.

We want to encourage people to follow their passion by showing their work to the public, having access to feedback and earning money with their not so hidden talent.


Photo Artist: Doru Serban - London, UK


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